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Welcome to the Vocal Action Podcast

Well, I did a thing and decided to share my voice and thoughts with the world through our new Vocal Action Podcast. This is a space where community and culture collide and I cannot wait to speak to the many people who are positively impacting Black people and communities globally. Listen, there are so many of you who I've always wanted to speak with and now here is my chance. Here is your chance to dream, be inspired, connect, and learn more about how we can come together. I would say more, but it is all in the first episode.

We are available to Watch and/or Listen wherever you are:

The Vocal Action Podcast is where community and culture collide. It's a conversation where we explore the strategy, action, and impact of the work we do to uplift Black people and communities globally. Occasionally we will have bonus episodes because our host and CEO/Founder can talk for hours! Who am I? I'm Rashanna Roach, a self-titled Global Strategy and Social Impact Leader and an "Around-the-way girl going around the world." I love making connections and I hope that you feel connected, inspired, and moved to ACT! After all, ACTION is Attaining Community Through Improving Our Network. Below I would appreciate your feedback and recommendations for guests, even/especially if it's yourself.

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